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Wi-Fi for Archirondel Tower

Well you can't say our work is not varied....I found myself install a UniFi wi-fi and networking infrastructure in to the historic Archirondel Tower this morning. Having recently been refurbished as another wonderfully unique Jersey Heritage let, it needed wi-fi…

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Looking for good people

We're always looking for good IT support people but this time we're also looking for a couple of roles that will be more focused. Procurement Manager We're looking for someone to handle our procurement processes. This means spec'ing everything from…

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We've just setup our first AmpliFi HD Mesh Router and Antenna. It's a beautiful system, not only does it have great visuals, but it's so easy and intuitive to setup. Although we got this one for a client, I think…

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Check your AutoForwards

We're seeing an increase in phishing attempts leading to stealing of credentials and then on to ex-filtrating data out of Exchange, on-premise or Office 365, via AutoForward either at a mailbox level or rule level. Unless you've got a good…

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Critical bug in 7-Zip

A critical bug has been found in 7-zip we recommend you upgrade to the latest version, which is v18.05 as of May 2018, More details can of the vulnerability can be found on Sophos security blog  

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RIP – Software Restriction Policies

Microsoft have announced they are no longer developing Software Restriction Policies: They're suggesting the use of AppLocker or Windows Defender Application Control. Now this is all well and good, but this is only really viable on Enterprise versions of Windows, probably…

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