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Check your AutoForwards

We're seeing an increase in phishing attempts leading to stealing of credentials and then on to ex-filtrating data out of Exchange, on-premise or Office 365, via AutoForward either at a mailbox level or rule level. Unless you've got a good…

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Critical bug in 7-Zip

A critical bug has been found in 7-zip we recommend you upgrade to the latest version, which is v18.05 as of May 2018, More details can of the vulnerability can be found on Sophos security blog  

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RIP – Software Restriction Policies

Microsoft have announced they are no longer developing Software Restriction Policies: They're suggesting the use of AppLocker or Windows Defender Application Control. Now this is all well and good, but this is only really viable on Enterprise versions of Windows, probably…

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We’re hiring

We're looking for more IT technicians to expand our team. What do we do? We design, sell, implement and support IT infrastructure for small to medium size businesses (SMB). What IT Infrastructure? Everything from micro-businesses running on PCs with Office…

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Phishing: Is this you?

We’ve likely all had a phishing message or e-mail like this before: This style of attack was popular 5-10 years ago and hopefully by now we all know how to spot and avoid these, but what if the e-mail actually…

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Warning!: Ongoing Phishing Attack

Please be aware that there is an ongoing phishing attack that is currently stealing usernames and passwords. The attack is currently disguising itself as a OneDrive document link and will genuinely be sent from one of your contacts. It is…

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